Benefits Of Music To Our Health 

Music has a great and vital role in the health of the people; it can help in developing the brain, raising consciousness, finding new states of the mind, lowering the levels of stress and it can also be used for meditation which is also a great way to improve the health of a person.

Benefits Of Music To Our Health

As we know, there is no person in this planet that has not lived without music. Many natives including our forefathers have used music in their everyday lives, for example, a long time ago, music is played when a village is attacked by pirates or bad people, it is used to signal the villagers about a bad situation. In Greece, music is played to help with the sleeping patterns of individuals. And there are a lot of professionals who says that music can heal the soul.

Below are just some of the many benefits of music to our health:

Visual and verbal skills

When a child in his younger years is exposed to music, the child will be able to develop faster his or her skills in verbal communication including visual skills. There is a study conducted about how children that are four to six years of age were trained musically for a month which included training for melody, voice, musical concepts, pitch and rhythm and it resulted into understanding different words and meaning significantly. Another study is about kids ranging from eight to eleven years of age who are involved in music lessons and it proved that these children have higher IQ’s as compared to the kids who were not exposed to the lessons. Lastly, there was a study conducted to infants that are one year old who was exposed to music lessons together with their parents and the infants were able to communicate more, smiled more and has a big response to music.

Bp, hr and pulse rate

Studies prove that music can strengthen our heart and it shortens the recovery time of people who were suffering from heart failure or diseases. Any genre of music can help release endorphins to your brain which will improve vascular health. Women or men from a cardiac surgery were less anxious and were in less pain because they have been exposed to music and as compared to those people who were resting quietly to recover.

Your happy pill

Your brain will release dopamine which is the feel good chemical and it will allow you emotions like joy, happiness and excitement. When you listen to music, it is just the same as eating chocolates, having sex or taking drugs.

Improve quality of sleep

Stress and anxiety are the most common factors why you have a hard time in sleeping. When you listen to music, it will lessen your anxiety and stress levels which will help you sleep by the end of the day. Music will allow you to promote better sleep patterns and your sleep can even feel more restful as compared to not listening to music. Other people are also using music to help them with their insomnia.

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